Psychiatric Day Care Service

Day care services are available at Shanti Home,Greater Noida. Day care services are for partially improved psychiatric patients with stable clinical state, discharged from Psychiatric Hospitals and rehabilitation units as well as the follow up patients from the OPD.

A multidisciplinary team consisting of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists,Ppsychiatric Social Workers, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychiartic Nurses and Vocational trainers take part in treatment of the day care patients. The patients are trained in Social and Vocational skills. A structured working programme for patients consisting of individual and group sessions attending the daycare centre has been developed. It is planned to provide for Activity scheduling, Skills training and  Vocational training depending on patient'sfunctional status and aptitude. At present vocational training activities include Tailoring,Art and Craft, Horticulture,candle making, Screen Printing, Basic Computer training and Home care Training etc. Placement options are also made available in indicated cases.