I am Garima Bajaj daughter of Mrs Santosh Kapoor My mom she is the best mother a person can ever dream off. She is kind soft spoken, humble and a loving lady. My mother had 2 daughters me and my younger sister Meenu Kapoor, she is in USA. As a child my whole world revolved around her, she was there for me every time I needed her. She taught us to be good human beings, never to give hope before trying. Whatever I am today, I am because of her. It is difficult for me to find words to express what she is to me. She ran a primary wing school, that school was doing quite well, looked after us, her husband and she did all her tasks with perfection. My father died when she was 56 years, that was a major setback in her life. From outside she looked strong as she had to take care of her younger daughter, she had to marry her, but inside she took a lot of tension, I think that affected her memory loss problem. After my sister got married, she was left all alone, that thought that all have gone leaving me alone was a major cause of her Dementia problem. I sold her house in Amritsar and bought her a flat in Gurgaon near my house, so that she does not feel lonely, she never complained but she missed Amritsar, that also triggered her memory loss problem. She was not able to take care of her house, so I brought her to live at my place. Initially, I was not aware of the disease and the problems related to them, as the disease progressed problems related to the disease came up, her behavior changed, she became hyper, was restless the whole day, repeated the same thing again and again. Then I came to know about Shanti Home. It was a place for dementia patients. I talked to the doctors they were all very helpful to me.They suggested me to keep her there for some period as these patients need a lot of care and monitoring which is not possible at home, so I kept her there, she was given good care at Shanti Home, her behavior also improved, there the patients are made to do a lot of activities which keep their mind involved which is very helpful for them, they have a specific area for these brain activities, this is a boom for these patients, I especially thank all the doctors at Shanti Home for their help and support, it has been a great help to me, i think Govt must also take some steps to help fight against this deadly disease. Regards Garima Bajaj

Mrs. Santosh Kapoor (Garima Bajaj)

In November 2014,I had the privilege to visit Shanti Home Psychiatric care and Rehabilitation Center. I was very keen for this visit and it was a very pleasant experience for me. The Rehab home is very well equipped with trained staff, a fully functional kitchen serving nutritious meal (planned by nutritionist) to residents, surrounded by a well maintained garden. The center has lots of activities and the day schedule is carefully planned to provide stimulation to enhance cognition, expedite healing, teaching vocational skills so that after discharge from home the person is able to fulfill a useful role in society. Activities also included personality and linguistic skills development along with yoga, aerobics etc. skillful use of music therapy; physiotherapy etc. has also been incorporated. I was very happy to see availability of doctors round the clock which ensured proper medical care. Skilled psychologists, psychotherapists, Occupational Therapists are providing their best under the guidance of learned and eminent psychiatrists from Delhi. But the thing which made biggest impact on my mind and heart was the human touch at the center which could be seen in the overall attitude of the staff and the environment of the rehab home. I was pleasantly surprised that even the supporting staff was attending residents with respect and was trying best to put a smile on resident’s faces. And then I realized why it can truly be called a (rehab) HOME. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit this home and spending few hours with its loving family

Dr Rashmi Moghe Hirave (Psychiatrist, Synapse Neurosciences, Bhopal)

Our son was suffering from Schizophrenia, depression and was a chain smoker.We had been to many psychiatrists, psychologists, and healers over the last six years. Finally, we admitted him in Shanti Home, Greater Noida. His recovery has been phenomenal in just three months and our son seems a 'totally new person' to us. We owe deep gratitude to the team under Dr. Rupali for providing us hope when all around us was gloomy. We have cherished our relationship with Shanti Home and with each of the doctor, psychologists and all.While we will still be coming back regularly for counselling, the bond of trust will be everlasting. Thanks again to the entire team and with best wishes.

Sanjay (Patient's Father)

I attended the Carer's meeting at Shanti Home. It was a very interesting and eye opening seminar on the subject of Mental Illness. I am thankful to Ms. Rajeshwari and staff of Shanti Home for educating and helping us by showing the path for the improvement of the patient for better living and rehabilitation in future.

Mr Srivastava (About Carer's meeting at Shanti Home)

Shanti Home is a Great Rehabilitation Center in Delhi NCR. Peaceful environment and very caring team.

Mr. Jagdeep (Shanti Home Gr Noida)

Great team. Great Doctors and not just that, Great Human Beings. Dr. Manish S Kansal goes out of his way to support patients. !!!!!!!

Y.S.Gautam (The best Psychiatric help)

I realized I had bipolar disorder when my son was about 6 months old. I was feeling very good at one time, able to accomplish so much. I slept little and still had so much energy. My mind was constantly going. I would get upset easily at my husband for small things and be a different me infact unusual me. I finally was reading an article about bipolar and what the symptoms were. I recognized that this was me. I went to my friend and she suggested me to prefer Shanti Home. Then Shanti Home gave me with the right guidance and medication to help me be balanced. 

Keerthi (Patient)

I met Dr Manish Kansal during the summer holidays when I was home from college. He is literally one of the finest people I have ever met. What I am most indebted for is that he really listens to me. He is a proficient in meds, but more importantly, he listens and comforts me so well. Just seeing him is healing for me. I highly recommend him!

Ms. Arora (Shanti Home)

I am astonished by the dedication of the psychiatrists and staff of Shanti Home. Most amazing thing about Shanti Home was their continuing drug-deaddiction program and the activities done by them for Mental illness patients. No wonder that they are coming best.

Anshul (Patient)

Staying in the fear that he might be tagged with a psychiatric patient, I lost ten big years of my life. My husband is from a family of people having a history of Schizophrenia, Depression and many sorts of psychiatric illness. Knowing this, I completely ignored the fact that his abstruse behavior needed attention. Similarly, I had already almost lost my both closest of relatives due to sheer ignorance but with the help of Dr Rupali Shivalkar and whole Shanti Home Team, one of them was saved and is very nicely doing a very highly paid job. My husband is also under Dr Manish Kansal's treatment and is now a completely changed person and is happy now...and ours can be termed as a happy family unlike a couple of years back. Thanks Shanti Home Team.

Anonymous (Patient's Relative)

Observed Shanti Home today(20.07.2018)and found it very good organisation, which is taking care of patients efficiently, as per their requirement for special recovery. Facilities being provided to the patients are very good and helpful for them. Doctors and other staff are also very Good and helpful. It is also Notice that they are taking proper care of the patient. During the Interaction with the Doctors we also learnt many things for them, which are New for us. I wish they keep it up. Thanks for Giving Time.

Sh. M.k. Prabhat (Under Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development)

We came with the Objective to see How Different a Private institute work as compared to other institutes. Good to see how the details are kept into cosideration. well trained and sufficient staff , the space, is well maintainedbesides having space crunch. we would like to see for the opportunities where Ministry could converge with you either in ideas or services. Thankyou for warm welcome.

Vidushi Duhan ( Sr. Consultant, Ministry of Women and child Development)

It has been a pleasure visiting your facility and meeting the residents there. The strength of such a facility is measured by the sensitivity of the staff. the institution has a welcoming and warm atmosphere. this visit would surely help us in learning more about the needs of such patients and would surely serve the cause of improving their lives . It has been Knowledgeable experience.

Sanskriti ( Trainee, women and child development)

It has been a heartwarming experience to see such patient dedication to situations that are deemed"lost causes". If more institutions work with such honesty msy be some day it will be a better world for the less fortunate to live in. it has been an eye opening and definitely inspiring process. there is so much that single individual can do. Hope to see more institutions being Run under such considerate care. Among Dismal Visits to Homes that are falling apart, Shanti Home gives us hope for the future.

Student (Trainee, Ministry of Women and Child Development)

Thanks, Shanti Home for standing by my side in my odds and making me a stable person now... I can live with peace independently now... Thanks Dr Manish Kansal...

Rehan (Chain Smoker)

I am astonished by the dedication of the psychiatrists and staff of Shanti Home. Most amazing thing about Shanti Home was their continuing drug-deaddiction program and the activities done by them for Mental illness patients. No wonder that they are coming best.

Vikas ()

I am writing this review from Wilkes-barre, US. My mother is with Shanti Home, under the supervision of Dr Rupali Shivalkar from past three months and has been taken care of, religiously by her team there; has shown tremendous recovery. I am very soon planning to bring her here as she is fit to travel now with a few medicines. Wish to thank you all for taking such a good care of my mum...Will soon have a video call with you guys...

Raj Arora ()

I am really glad to have my sis in law treatment done by Shanti home.She keeps saying we shouldn't have taken her to doctors there but believe me she is absolutely fine now.She was before treatment, dying everyday.She being a patient won't ever realise that what she was and what she is today but we want to thank Shanti home today.God bless them all

Anonymous ()
Warm Greetings Dr. Rupali Shivalkar and Ms Sangeeta Mitra. I apologize I won’t be able to come on 1st June 19 Saturday, hence this email, through which I have expressed my gratitude, I hope goodness and courage will prevail. Warm greetings Madame, My name is ------. I was there during September 2018-April 2019. It’s phenomenal, the assistance, help and guidance –Doctors, therapists, Director, Social Workers rendered. Sailing along, with various activities a sense of direction in the midst of confusion. I salute that clarity that I now have. In addition to you, I would like to thank my Parents, Kith and Kiln, cousins who made me feel “as normal “as possible. I hope to payback all the Good deeds, showered on me from all 4 corners. I even cleared my host of interviews till the probation period. I hope I can share with you dear Parents “never to give up” on your ward. Having that faith and belief that their children are someone special who will go a long way in life. Many thanks for the onward journey,
Anonymous ()